Formed Elements

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    All that the term "formed elements" really means is the stuff in blood that doesn't dissolve in the plasma.  That is, the cells and platelets.  You see, even though platelets are very small, they do not dissolve in plasma-- instead, they remain distinctly visible.

    Each formed element develops in a specific way from a precursor cell in bone marrow.  Each has a very specific anatomy and function.  Those are the topics for the pages within this section.

    I found a couple of really nice links that show images of blood formed elements.  This first one is interactive, so that you have things you need to click on to show arrows.  The second one not only has pictures, but also lists the functions of the formed elements in a table.


Interactive site:


Site with table:

The images at these links should also help you to understand the appearance of the blood cells in detail, which will help you in lab!

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